Gloria with campaigner Donna Gilbert at the dangerous junction in Annesley.

Campaign to make Annesley junction safer for motorists


Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero and community campaigner Donna Gilbert are urging highways chiefs to make a dangerous junction in Annesley safer for motorists.

It is extremely difficult for drivers wanting to turn right into or out of Annesley Cutting onto the A611 Derby Road because of the volume of traffic using the main road.

Motorists have to wait until another driver lets them go or they have to rush when there is a small gap in the traffic.

Donna contacted Gloria about the issue and they visited the site together last week to see how bad it is.

They witnessed three near-misses in just 10 minutes while they were there.

Donna has written to Nottinghamshire County Council’s highways department asking them to look at making safety improvements at the junction, such as installing a mini roundabout.

She said in her letter: “This situation has been an issue for residents for years and a solution is needed, this daily risk of injury or worse cannot be allowed to continue.”

Gloria said: “This junction is a nightmare for the residents of Annesley and Newstead as well as for anyone who works in this area.

“It can take several minutes before even one car gets the chance to turn onto Derby Road and this leads to drivers taking risks that they shouldn’t need to take.

“Something needs to be done before there is a serious accident.”



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