MPS chair Chris Cheetham and Gloria

Gloria meets with chair of MPS trustees as fight for fairer pensions continues


Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero met with the chairman of the trustees of the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme last week to discuss the next steps towards getting a better pension deal for ex-miners and their widows.

Gloria and MPS trustee chairman Chris Cheetham spoke about forming a small working group of MPs, trustees and union officials, who would put together a case to present to the Government.

The group will discuss options that would see ex-miners and their widows receive a fairer share of the profits made by the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme.

The Government, in its role as guarantor of the scheme, has made billions of pounds more than was initially expected and has never had to pay even a penny into the scheme.

The working group will consider cases for a renegotiation of the 50/50 surplus sharing arrangement between the government and pension fund members, the long-term protection of bonuses received by members and other possibilities that would be beneficial to members.

Gloria said: “The meeting was very positive as it is clear that we want the same thing – a better and fairer pension for ex-miners and their widows, who worked hard and saved hard for many years so they could have a comfortable retirement.

“The process of renegotiating a deal with the government is not going to be quick or easy but we are making better progress now than has ever been made and that is very pleasing.”



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