Gloria raises school funding problems in Parliament after meeting with Ashfield Head Teacher


Ashfield and Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero has raised the problem that local schools are facing due to budget cuts during a Parliamentary debate.

Gloria met last week with Dick Vasey, the Head Teacher at Ashfield School, to speak about the difficult financial situation schools are facing and what effects this is having.

Mr Vasey told Gloria that his school will be £945,000 worse off in September this year compared to September 2016, due to cuts in funding from the Government.

Though the school has not had to make any redundancies, it is having to make some class sizes bigger and reduce the number of subjects it offers because of the funding cuts.

During a debate on social mobility, Gloria asked whether the school funding crisis will hinder young people from poorer backgrounds in achieving their potential.

Speaking afterwards, Gloria said: “The funding cuts this Tory government is inflicting on our schools is scandalous.

“Head Teachers tell me they are doing all they can to balance the books, but there is only so much they can do before class sizes have to increase and the number of subjects they can offer decreases if their schools are not funded properly.

“The government needs to act now for the sake of our children’s education.”




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