Gloria De Piero

Gloria raises ‘unacceptable’ hospital parking charges in Parliament


Ashfield and Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero has criticised the Government for forcing hospitals to charge patients parking fees because the NHS is so underfunded.

In a debate on National Health Service Funding in the Commons on Tuesday, Gloria said that the Tories had failed to keep their promise to clamp down on hospital parking charges.

Addressing Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth, Gloria said: “Does my hon. Friend agree that when funding is cut, our hospitals seek to raise cash in other ways, such as the unacceptable level of car parking charges at our hospitals—charges which the Government promised before the last election to clamp down on?”

Patients and visitors to King’s Mill Hospital and Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital are all charged to park their cars on site.

The first 15 minutes is free, then it costs £1.80 for up to an hour at King’s Mill, and £2 at the Nottingham hospitals.

Parking for one to four hours is £3.50 at King’s Mill, four to six hours is £5.50 and six to 24 hours is £7.

At the Nottingham hospitals, one to two hours is £4, two to four hours is £5 and more than four hours is £6.
Weekly tickets are also available.

Gloria said: “The NHS is struggling financially under this Tory government which is not providing it with the funding it needs.

“Hospital trusts are therefore forced to look to top up their income elsewhere and car park charges are an obvious answer.

“It is not fair that ill people and their families are having to bail out hospital finances because the Government is not funding the health service adequately.”


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