Gloria De Piero

Gloria seeks residents views on how Brexit should look for Ashfield


Ashfield and Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero has released a survey to ask local residents their views on the UK’s negotiations for Brexit.

The nine question survey will give Gloria a deeper understanding of what voters’ priorities are so that she can push the Government for a deal that represents Ashfield’s interests.

It asks for their views on immigration, the single market and what areas they want to be addressed when the Brexit deal is negotiated.

Gloria said: “A clear majority of people in Ashfield voted to leave the European Union. I respect that decision.

“In the run up to the referendum, I heard a great deal of concern about freedom of movement and its effect on wages. I heed that message.

“When MPs vote in Parliament, I will vote to leave the European Union.”

Gloria has emailed the online survey out to everyone she has email addresses for and has posted the link on her Facebook page.

Once the survey answers are collated, Gloria will use the information to fight for a deal that best fits with what Ashfield wants and needs from the UK’s relationship with the EU.

She will be looking to make sure that jobs are not lost, that workers’ rights are not eroded and that the country’s security is not compromised.

Anyone living in Ashfield constituency can take part in the survey by visiting:



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