Gloria De Piero

Gloria slams Chancellor’s Autumn Statement for hitting the poorest hardest



Gloria De Piero MP has slammed Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement for doing nothing to help the just about managing families in Ashfield and Eastwood.

During his address to Parliament on Wednesday, the Chancellor all but admitted that the Conservatives’ economic policies have failed to turn the country’s financial situation around.

The UK’s debt is continuing to rise and the Government is no longer seeking a budget surplus in 2019-20, meaning years of austerity measures have failed to reap the promised rewards while inflicting untold pain through swingeing budget cuts in so many areas.

The Treasury’s own figures show that the poorest 30 per cent of earners will be worse off by the end of this Parliament because of Government cuts to tax, welfare and public spending measures.

This is mainly due to a four-year freeze on working age benefits and tax credits, coupled with rising inflation pushing up the cost of living.

Gloria said: “This Government has shown yet again that it has little regard for hard-working people of low to middle incomes.

“Time and again it has found the cash to give the richest in society tax breaks, but it has now frozen the benefits that low wage earners rely on and has failed to raise the living wage by any meaningful amount.

“As a result, millions of people are going to find themselves worse off through no fault of their own.”



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