Gloria De Piero

Gloria urges safety action on dangerous road


Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero is to meet with residents who live near a dangerous stretch of road after they raised concerns following a number of accidents involving pedestrians.

Residents of the Harlow Wood and The Spinney housing developments contacted Gloria because they say the 50mph speed limit along the section of the A60 Nottingham Road near their homes is putting people’s lives at risk.

One couple’s 11-year-old son was hit by a car last month when he was trying to cross the road after getting off a bus, receiving lacerations to his back but luckily escaping serious injury.

A Portland College student was also critically injured just weeks later after being struck by a vehicle near the entrance to the college.

The residents say that it is dangerous for pedestrians to cross the road at the bus stop which serves their housing estates because there is no pelican crossing.

There is also no pavement between the bus stop further down the road by Portland College, which does have a crossing, and their homes, so it is unsafe to walk between the two.

Gloria has already written to highways chiefs at Nottinghamshire County Council and police, requesting that the authority looks at making this stretch of road safer.

She has received confirmation that the council will now be carrying out an accident survey.

However the residents want the speed limit reduced and other road safety measures installed before anybody else gets hurt.

Gloria said: “This area is a residential area so it should be safe for residents to walk along this road to and from their homes.

“Motorists go speeding past at 50 mph plus and there have already been too many accidents.

“We are demanding action before anyone else gets killed or seriously injured.”



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