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MP and councillor act on residents’ pleas over smelly waste site


Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero and John Knight, the Nottinghamshire County councillor for Kirkby North, have promised to kick up a stink if a waste company does not act to stop a tip in Kirkby from emitting a foul smell.

Residents in the Summit area of the town have taken to social media to complain about the smell coming from the Veolia waste site off Welshcroft Close.

The smell has been plaguing the area for weeks but was particularly bad during last week’s heatwave when the stink intensified and householders were unable to sit in their gardens or open their windows.

Gloria and Coun Knight have vowed to do all they can to get the smell eradicated as soon as possible.

Gloria said: “It is unacceptable for residents in the Summit area of Kirkby to have to put up with this foul smell: I have been up there myself and know how awful it is.

“It must be hell to be living with it day in, day out, especially during hot summer days, and I understand the anger and frustration they are feeling.

“Myself and Coun Knight are doing all we can to make sure those responsible rectify the problem as quickly as possible and we will take any action necessary to make sure the smell is got rid of.”

Coun Knight has spoken to bosses in the environment departments at Ashfield District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.

He has also informed the Waste Management Agency – which can impose fines and prosecute for poor performance – about the situation.

Coun Knight has been assured that remedial action is being taken to try and resolve the problem, though the source of the smell is yet to be confirmed.

He and Gloria are threatening to have the licence to operate the plant revoked if the smell is not dealt with accordingly and Veolia is found to have breached the terms of operation.

He said: “As soon as I was aware of the smell I contacted the Waste Management Agency which sent over a senior officer.

“I do not accept Veolia’s excuse that the smell is hot weather-related: it strikes me as being a systemic failure.

“The Agency has enforced changes on Veolia but if the smell continues I will be asking them to consider prosecution.

“Kirkby should not have to live with this noxious smell.”


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