MP and councillor tell residents they will fight to make A60 safer for all


Dozens of residents have met with Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero and Nottinghamshire County Councillor Steve Carroll to raise their concerns about the serious safety issues affecting the A60 by Harlow Wood.

More than 40 people gathered at Portland College on Friday to explain why they feel the road is so dangerous and why action needs to be taken to make it safer.

The parents of two children who have recently been seriously injured after being hit by cars addressed the meeting, as did residents who have daily struggles using the route – both as pedestrians and motorists.

At the meeting the residents said that they want the speed limit cut from 50mph and want to see other traffic calming measures put in place.

Gloria said: “The sheer number of people who attended this meeting shows how strongly people feel about this issue.

“I have heard far too many stories from people who have to take their lives into their own hands every time they use this road because of the speed that vehicles travel at.

“I will be backing the residents in their campaign to get the speed limit reduced and other vital safety measures installed and will be doing all I can to facilitate this.”

Dozens of people attended the meeting about road safety concerns on the A60 near Harlow Wood.

Dozens of people attended the meeting about road safety concerns on the A60 near Harlow Wood.

Among the problems that residents raised with the road were the lack of a pedestrian crossing near the Harlow Wood housing development; the lack of a pavement for pedestrians along much of the road; difficulties for vehicles turning right into and out of side streets, driveways, Portland College and Fountaindale School; the speed vehicles travel at making it dangerous for pedestrians to cross the road, even using the existing pedestrian crossing.

Gloria has already raised these concerns with Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottinghamshire Police and a company that runs a school bus service after residents initially contacted her.

The council has now agreed to carry out a comprehensive safety review of this stretch of the A60 and Coun Carroll will be meeting with highways chiefs and ensuring that residents’ concerns are heard before any decisions are made.

Coun Carroll said: “I was very pleased with the turnout at the meeting but quite distressed to hear people talk about their experiences of this road.

“The county council is carrying out a review and it is important that residents are involved in this process.

“I will give 100 per cent in the fight to make sure that this road is made safer for all.”


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