Gloria on Owston Road in Annesley, which will soon be getting superfast broadband.

Residents on new Annesley estate set to get superfast broadband


Residents of a new Annesley housing estate are set to get superfast broadband after Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero took up the issue on their behalf.

People living on Owston Road on the new Persimmon Homes estate in Annesley complained to Gloria that the broadband serving their homes was too slow for modern day needs.

The estate is brand new but the roads have not yet been adopted by Nottinghamshire County Council so no superfast broadband service has been connected.

Gloria contacted the council to ask what can be done to give the residents access to this essential utility.

She has been informed that as the broadband cabinet serving this estate has been installed, the authority’s broadband team will connect it in the coming weeks.

This means residents will be able to get superfast broadband very soon.

Gloria said: “This is great news for residents on this estate who have told me that life has been made that bit more difficult because they do not have access to the broadband speeds they need.

“In this day and age fast internet connections are absolutely vital so that people can work from home, shop online and stream music and films when they want to.”



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