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Van Elle boss tells Gloria about his fears for a Brexit


Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero visited the Kirkby offices of engineering firm Van Elle to talk to its chief executive about why he wants Britain to stay in the EU.

Jon Fenton told Gloria that he fears business will be affected by uncertainty in the economy if we vote for a Brexit.

Van Elle employs 530 people, many of whom are from Ashfield.

The company works in the construction sector and Jon said that a vote to leave in next week’s Referendum could cause a slowdown similar to that experienced during the recent recession.

Jon said: “The construction sector is doing well at the moment and we don’t want any disruption or uncertainty which could be caused by a vote to leave the European Union.

“We don’t want foreign investors to stop coming into the country because that will result in less construction work taking place.

“A vote to remain in the EU is the best thing for stability and jobs in this sector.”

Van Elle chief executive and Gloria are voting to Remain in the EU.
Van Elle chief executive and Gloria are voting to Remain in the EU.

Gloria said that Ashfield voters should listen to what business leaders like Jon have to say if they are undecided on how they want to vote in the Referendum.

“Jon raises some very good points about the potential risks to the construction and engineering industries if we vote to leave the EU,” she said.

“Being part of the EU is vital for a strong economy and this can only be guaranteed with a vote to remain.”


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