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Gloria’s Chad Column: Cuts are wrecking NHS


Gloria writes a weekly column for the Ashfield Chad Newspaper. Here is her offering from the edition of 6 September 2017.

I have received a number of emails and phone calls from concerned patients and staff about the closure of the Chatsworth Rehabilitation Unit at Mansfield Community Hospital.
Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust announced 5 weeks ago that the Unit was to close.
The Unit plays a vital part in recovery for patients who have suffered from strokes and other neurological illnesses.
I have written to both the Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group as well as SFHT to lend my support to the campaign to stop the closure.
Tory austerity is wrecking our NHS services. We should be ploughing more money into hospitals to ensure patients get the best treatment possible and don’t have to travel miles and miles to do so.
I am listening to everyone who approaches me about this. I hope that the Trust are going to reconsider their decision.
I want to congratulate all students across Ashfield who received their GCSE results this week. You have worked incredibly hard for those and now it’s time to enter a new phase in your education. There are lots of options available to you and I wish you well in whatever you choose.
It was great to hear that Sutton Community Academy had 52% achieve a grade 4-9 English and Maths and Ashfield School reported that just under 60% of students achieved 5 standard passes including English and Maths.
With such huge cuts to school budgets over the duration of this Tory government it is a credit to staff and pupils that they were able to get such amazing results.
Finally, every summer I am inundated with requests to help families get their passports sorted for their holidays.
I recently managed to get one sorted for a family in Sutton who were having no luck with the Passport Office and asked me if there was anything I could do.
I contacted the passport office and within no time they had their passport ready for their time in the sunshine.
Back logs are of course common but I will always do my best to help anyone who needs it.


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