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Gloria’s Chad column: E-cigs will save lives


Gloria De Piero MP writes a column every week for the Ashfield Chad. Here are her thoughts from the May 4th edition:

As a former smoker, e-cigarettes could literally be a lifesaver for me.

I have been using e-cigs for a few years now and not only are they kinder on the pocket compared to regular cigarettes, they are also kinder on your health.

Public Health England has declared that e-cigs are 95 per cent safer than smoking tobacco and now the Royal College of Physicians says that there is actual evidence that they help people to quit smoking and that they are not a ‘gateway’ to taking up the habit.

Everybody knows how harmful regular cigarettes are, so it is good news that 2.6 million people are now using e-cigarettes to cut down or quit.

I am sure their lungs will thank them for it.

Public Health England advises that smokers should look to e-cigs and NHS stop smoking services to help them give up and I fully support this – especially when data shows that two-thirds of smokers are successful in quitting when combining e-cigs with behavioural support.


I have mentioned many times before about the campaign that residents of Lilley Close in Selston have fought to get superfast broadband.

I received the excellent news last week that that the fibre cabinet serving them is now live, so hopefully they will already be benefitting from the fast internet access they deserve.

A lot of hard work went into this campaign in order to make sure Lilley Close was included in the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire programme, which aims to improve broadband access where it is currently lacking and where needs will not be met by the private sector.

Congratulations to Sue Murphy and her neighbours for their persistence on this very important matter.


The referendum on whether Britain should stay part of the European Union is now only weeks away.

Arguments for staying in and for leaving are everywhere but many people keep saying that they want to be told the simple facts so they can make an informed decision of how to vote – particularly regarding the economy and trade.

I have therefore decided to do a bit of research to find out how Ashfield-based businesses feel about the EU.

I have sent out an online survey and am now awaiting responses to give me a better idea of how important – or not – the EU is to local firms.

If you own a business and have not received an emailed survey, write to me at and I will send the link out to you.

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