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Gloria’s Chad column: Government needs to listen to WASPI campaign


Gloria writes a weekly column for the Ashfield Chad newspaper. Here is her column from December 7th, 2016:

An estimated 5,000 women in Ashfield have been affected by changes to their State Pension Age.

This has come about because of plans to equalise the age at which men and women can receive their state pension, increasing it to 65 for women.

However the government’s insistence on speeding up this process has had a devastating impact on the finances of many women born in the 1950s.

These women have not had enough time to plan for their change in circumstances and many are being plunged into poverty as a result.

The WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequalities) has loudly and eloquently made their case and has the backing of hundreds of thousands of campaigners.

Labour has repeatedly asked the government to look again at the timing of bringing in the rise in age but it has refused to engage.

We now want the government to extend pension credit to those who were due to retire before the chaotic pension age increase to help alleviate some of the financial hardship caused.

It is time they listened and acted.
Christmas is coming and the kids – and adults – are starting to get excited.

But if you don’t have anyone to share Christmas with, then you probably won’t feel the same.

This is why the fantastic Kirkby Community Christmas lunch is such a great idea.

This aims to get people who are alone at Christmas together and spread some festive cheer.

The day involves a three course lunch, bingo, live music, a raffle and gifts, and there is free transport there and home.

Organiser Pip Forbes says there are still a few spaces so if you are interested call my office on 01623 720399 and we can pass your details on.
So the UK Independence Party has elected Paul Nuttall as its new leader.

Mr Nuttall has called for our NHS to be privatised and is against abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy, wanting to deny women the freedom of choice to terminate their pregnancy after this time.

I find these views pretty shocking. I’m sure many of you feel the same.
Potholes are a nightmare for motorists and the problem often gets worse in winter.
A lady told me recently that several large potholes on Dorchester Road in Kirkby were a hazard for drivers but nothing was being done about them.

I got in touch with Nottinghamshire County Council on her behalf and the repairs are due to be done imminently.

If you encounter a similar issue with a road surface you use regularly, do get in touch.


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