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Gloria’s Chad column: Government is underfunding our councils


Her is Gloria’s Ashfield Chad column from March 1st, 2017:

The crisis in social care and local government funding has been hitting the headlines yet again.
I have written about it in this column numerous times.
But the potential extent of the problem cannot be underestimated and this Government needs to act now.
Nationally, there is a £2.6bn funding gap in social care while local government is facing a £5.8bn gap by 2020.
Nottinghamshire County Council has lost more than £200m of government funding since 2010, while Ashfield District Council is seeing hundreds of thousands of pounds cut from its funding for the next financial year yet again.
The Tories’ latest Local Government Finance Package offers little, if any, help to councils because it is not giving them the cash they need to provide the services they want to and need to.
Instead it is council taxpayers who will be picking up some of the cost of looking after our elderly citizens, vulnerable children and disabled people, as many councils are left with nowhere to turn but to raise taxes to generate more cash.
What makes this even worse is that this extra tax will barely cover the cracks of this funding crisis.
In the debate on this issue in the Commons last week, I referenced the heart-breaking personal stories that I am hearing from constituents who are affected by the social care crisis.
They are watching their loved ones suffer because the care they need is not always available.
A long-term, sustainable and strategic solution to the costs of providing social care is needed.
It is time the Government took this situation seriously and addressed it properly.

A few months ago I told you about a consultation on proposals to move the Post Office in Selston from Portland Road to the Pennine Store on Lathkill Drive.
Well the consultation ended several weeks ago now and the results are in.
The Post Office has written to me to confirm that they are not proceeding with the move.
They received 55 individual responses from customers and Citizens Advice also expressed significant concerns about the move.
Most of the comments focused on the increased distance of the proposed location from where many residents live, the journey down a steep hill and the fact the location is far from the main bus routes.
The Post Office is therefore remaining on Portland Road for the time being and I am pleased that it listened to local people’s concerns when making this decision.


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