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Gloria’s Chad column: Cars should slow down near care homes


Gloria writes a column for the Ashfield Chad every week. Here is her offering from the edition published on June 1st, 2016.

Elderly people suffering with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease easily become confused and have problems with judgement, co-ordination and movement.

Crossing the road is one task that can suddenly become extremely dangerous and this was the motivation behind a lady whose grandma lives in a Sutton care home getting in touch with me recently.

This lady raised concerns about motorists driving too quickly and carelessly near to Bank House residential home on Church Street.

She fears there is an accident waiting to happen due to the aggressive attitudes of some drivers when cars slow down to park when they visit the home and due to the high volume of traffic making it difficult to cross the road outside it.

I contacted Nottinghamshire County Council to raise these concerns and the highways department has now said that it will put the erection of a warning sign and SLOW marking on the carriageway on the list for works to be carried out.

I urge anybody who has any similar issues to get in touch with me at so we can help protect our older people.


In this column I have previously written about the devastating effects that scrapping bursaries for student nurses and maintenance grants for students from poorer backgrounds will have on young people and their career prospects.

Unbelievably this Government now wants to allow universities that offer ‘high-quality teaching’ to increase tuition fees above the already-unaffordable £9,000 a year sum from autumn 2017.

The Tories seem hell bent on saddling our young people with more debt than ever and deterring those from working class backgrounds from studying for a degree.

Labour will be opposing these plans in Parliament but we have also launched a campaign calling for the Government to scrap them.

You can sign the petition by visiting the website and help us defend our young peoples’ futures.


I want to give a quick mention to former Ashfield district councillor Linford Gibbons who is raising money to provide the refugees living in the makeshift camps in Calais with essentials such as food and toiletries.

The conditions these poor people are living in are truly horrendous so Linford will be will be taking over the vital supplies later this month and also volunteering with the distribution of donations from a convoy going to France from the UK.

You can make a donation to Linford’s work by visiting or drop off tins of food and toiletries to my office in Kirkby for him to collect.



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