Dozens of people attended the meeting about road safety concerns on the A60 near Harlow Wood.

Gloria’s Chad column: Making roads safer has to be a priority


Here is Gloria’s Ashfield Chad column from January 11th, 2017:

Everybody knows how important road safety is.
Children are taught from an early age how to safely cross the road and keeping safe is a key element of learning to drive any motor vehicle or bicycle.
But too many people are still getting killed and injured on our roads and many of these deaths and injuries are avoidable.
Data gathered by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Road Safety (PACTS) shows that Ashfield has a ‘high’ rate of constituents being killed or seriously injured in road traffic collisions.
In 2015, there was one fatal injury, 35 serious injuries and 245 slight injuries.
This means that according to PACTS’ national index, the number of Ashfield people killed or seriously injured is 27 per cent higher than the national average.
Good improvements have been made in reducing this number, which is falling faster than the national average, but there is clearly much more to do.
I am backing campaign by residents and users of the A60 at Harlow Wood to make that road safer and hopefully we will succeed in helping the number of people injured fall even further.
In the meantime, we can all do a little bit more to stay safe on the roads and make sure that we do not add to these tragic statistics.

I receive a lot of complaints about a variety of problems related to unadopted roads on new developments.
I have recently told you about successes we have had in getting superfast broadband installed on an Annesley estate and have some more good news to report.
A lady came to me after she had to fork out for a new tyre for her car after hitting an unlit central reservation on Hornbeam Way on a new Bovis Homes development in Kirkby.
Poor light and bad weather meant she just didn’t see the raised section.
I contacted Bovis Homes and within 24 hours they resolved the situation by reimbursing the money the lady had spent on a tyre.
A great result.

You may have read about the work I have been doing to persuade the Government to look at the surplus sharing arrangement it has for the mineworkers’ pension scheme.
Under the current arrangement it gets 50 per cent of any surplus. It has not actually ever paid in a penny but has made around £6.5bn in total.
Along with Keith Stanley, the Notts NUM Area President and a MPS pensioner, I am meeting with the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy next week to discuss whether this arrangement can be renegotiated.
I will let you know how the meeting goes.



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