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Gloria’s Chad column: NHS is struggling under Tories


Gloria writes a column for the Ashfield Chad every week. Here is her column from 12th October 2016:

We have all seen recent headlines about the NHS and they do not make for pretty reading.

The junior doctors’ strikes, the long waits in accident and emergency departments and severe financial crises have all hit the headlines.

But it is when you begin to see first-hand that people are being let down by the health service that you worry even more about our beloved NHS.

A constituent got in touch recently who has been waiting for an appointment at Nottingham’s City Hospital for urgent open heart surgery on a serious heart problem since May.

Despite being told how important it was that he had this operation as soon as possible, he heard nothing for four months and has been left suffering severe pain.

He has tried and failed to book an appointment on several occasions, being told each time that emergency surgeries mean that he keeps getting moved down the list.

In desperation he contacted me and I got in touch with the Patient Advice and Liaison Service on his behalf.

Within 24 hours the hospital replied with a date for his operation.

I hope that it will proceed as planned and this gentleman can get on with living his life again.

Another constituent emailed when he was having trouble booking an appointment at King’s Mill Hospital through their Gateway service.

He was offered an appointment but then told that the slot was actually taken and he would receive an appointment at a later date.

He received a text message offering a different appointment time but couldn’t make this so was offered another appointment.

After receiving letters stating two different appointment times, there was much to-ing and fro-ing to try and sort out the situation, without much success.

I then got in touch with the hospital on his behalf and the gentleman was finally given an appointment he could make.
These cases show just some of the problems people are having with the NHS.

It’s hard to say if they are directly the result of underfunding, one-off errors or more serious problems but this government is failing the NHS on every level.

What is clear to me is that this country needs a Labour government to make sure our NHS is invested in properly and people can get the treatment they need, when they need it.

Lastly, I want to draw parents’ attention to Nottinghamshire County Council’s annual consultation on school admission arrangements.

I wrote about this topic recently and now is the time for parents to raise concerns they may have.

People can have their say on the arrangements for 2018/19 until November 27 by visiting


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