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Gloria’s Chad column: Parking ticket was rightfully rescinded


Gloria writes a column for the Ashfield Chad every week. Here is her column from the May 18th edition:

Traffic wardens come in for a lot of unfair criticism, but not so in this case of a constituent from Sutton, who recently lost his mum after a short illness.

He and his family had four weeks to clear her possessions from her council flat and they decided to donate as much as they could to local charities.

The gentleman borrowed a van from work and set aside a Saturday for the flat clearance.

The van was parked outside the apartment complex while they were loading, with a sign in the window clearly stating the van was parked there ‘due to bereavement’.

To the gentleman’s horror, a passing parking warden ignored the sign and slapped a ticket on the windscreen.

Outraged at this lack of compassion, he appealed the fine but also got in touch with me.

I contacted Nottinghamshire County Council on his behalf and I am pleased to say that some sympathy has been shown and they have cancelled his ticket.

Quite right too.

The introduction of the living wage is important for driving up living standards and reducing the low wage economy.

We should not have people living below the poverty line despite being in employment.

However the new legislation has had consequences for some workers, who are being penalised because mega-rich employers do not want to put their hands even further into their pockets.

I am referring not only to workers who have seen their overtime, bonuses, free food and paid breaks cut to ‘compensate’ for the living wage being brought in, but also to people in supervisor roles who now find themselves earning practically the same as the people they are supervising.

What encouragement is there for people to climb the ladder if there is no reward for doing so?

These companies need to be named, shamed and put under pressure to do the right thing by their employees.

It is common knowledge that the NHS has a huge shortage of nurses, with even our local hospital having to run recruitment events abroad to fill vacant posts.

That is why the Government’s plans to abolish bursaries for student nurses and midwives and actually start charging them tuition fees is frankly disgusting.

It will do nothing to help recruit more nurses and is simply a political decision motivated by short-term savings.

My Labour colleagues and I are calling for the Tories to drop their plans and instead launch a consultation on how to increase the number of nurses in the NHS – before any irreversible damage is done to this beloved institution.



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