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Gloria’s Chad column: Patients are waiting longer for operations


Here is Gloria’s column from the Ashfield Chad published on 24th August 2016:

Operations such as hip and knee replacements or getting your cataracts done can make a huge difference to your quality of life.

But according to a report published by The Patient Association, people are having to wait longer and longer for these procedures.

The report found that in 2015, the number of people waiting over 18 weeks – the NHS target – was up by almost 80 per cent on the previous year.

This report is more evidence that the NHS is struggling under a Tory government and that people are being left in pain, often unable to work and stressed as a result.

Local figures were not revealed in the report but I have been contacted by constituents who have faced long waiting times due to repeated cancellations of surgery.

One gentleman from Kirkby had an operation for his kidney stones cancelled three times before it was eventually carried out.

I will be getting in touch with our local hospital trusts to see what problems they are having and will be putting pressure on the Government to address them.


We all know the importance of healthy eating but it can seem impossible to put together a balanced meal on a budget that the kids will eat.

Luckily for those living in Selston, help is set to be at hand in the form of a new initiative – St Helens Pizza Palace.

Members of St Helen’s Church are hoping to open the church centre once a month and get families making their own healthy pizzas which they then eat all together.

At a cost of only £1 per person, including a drink and fresh fruit and veg, this could be a fantastic way of getting the community together and helping them learn about healthy eating.

Discussions about funding the project are underway but if you are part of a local group/organisation or company that wants to help, then do get in touch with me at and I can pass on your details to the team.


It goes without saying that years after the pits closed down, this area’s mining heritage is integral to its identity.

That is why I was pleased to hear that the Notts NUM Ex and Retired Miners Association wants to open a museum that will educate local children about their coalmining history and which will tell the story of Notts NUM.

The Association needs to raise a huge £250,000 for the project, but fundraising is well underway.

Donations can be sent to Notts NUM Ex and Retired Miners Association, 1st Floor, Byron House, Commercial Street, Mansfield, NG18 1EE. Cheques should be made out to Ex and Retired Miners.


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