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Gloria’s Chad Column: Quit and Save Lives


According to the NHS, in Nottinghamshire just under 16% of adults admit to smoking. Getting them to quit or use an alternative is still a huge task for public health services.
In this county alone, during 2015/2016, 8,600 people were admitted to hospital because of smoking-related illnesses. With the NHS already under strain, a reduction in the number of people needing medical attention because they smoke would be welcome, and vaping could be one of the ways this is achieved. The vaping market in the UK is now the second largest in the world. Studies show that it is 95 per cent less harmful than smoking.  The Royal Society of Public Health is looking into why more smokers aren’t switching to vaping. They’ve found that there is mixed messaging in the media about the benefits of vaping instead of smoking. If the UK was to go “smoke free” then this could save the NHS £2 billion a year and it would save thousands of lives. After giving up smoking several years ago, I have been vaping and it has made a huge difference to my health and bank balance. More should be done to get people to switch the fags for a vaper.

With the release of the Paradise Papers, tax avoidance is very much in the news at the moment.  The papers show how the rich manage to avoid paying their fair share of tax by employing accountants to spread their wealth and assets around the world.  For most hard-working people in the UK, this isn’t an option for them. They don’t have a choice but to pay their tax each month. Under a Labour government there would be an inquiry into tax dodging and action to clamp down on these unfair and immoral practices. After years of Tory failure to tackle tax avoidance and evasion, proposals purporting to close tax loopholes in the upcoming Finance Bill do not go far enough. This Government needs to act now to make sure super-rich individuals and companies pay their share.

I’m sure many of you will have read the sad news about Sutton boy Dawson Willcock, whose cancer has reached an advanced stage.
A lovely lady, Carrie Austin, wants to hold a carol service in fancy dress outside Dawson’s house to help make his Christmas extra special.
Carrie has a list of costumes that she needs volunteers to wear, but anyone is welcome to dress up and help provide some festive cheer for Dawson.

If you check out my Facebook page at,, you can see Carrie’s post about the event for more info.


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