Gloria De Piero

Gloria’s Chad column: Thank you for re-electing me


Every week Gloria has a column in the Ashfield Chad. Here is her column from June 21 edition:

As a new term of Parliament begins, I want to say a big thank you to the people of Ashfield and Eastwood for re-electing me to be your MP.

It was a very close result following weeks of extremely hard campaigning in which I spoke to many of you and wrote to many more.

I have been re-elected to represent our area and to serve you all, whether you voted for me or not.

It has been a privilege to be your MP for the past seven years and I am looking forward to continuing to be so in the years to come.

As Theresa May found out when the election results came through, there are few things in the world of politics that you can be sure of.

However you can be sure that I will continue to work hard for my constituency and do all I can to represent the views of the people who live here in Parliament.

I will stand up for the issues that are important to you and do all I can to promote this area.

Highlighting the potentially devastating effects that the school funding cuts imposed by the Conservatives will have on our children’s education was one of the subjects I raised during the election campaign.

Fighting these cuts and the damage they will undoubtedly cause is one of my priorities now that I am the MP again.

I will not sit back and let our local schools be stripped of thousands of pounds that they need to keep class sizes down and to give youngsters the education they really need.

Another of my priorities is to continue my fight for a fairer pension for ex-miners and their widows.

I want the government to look again at the surplus sharing arrangement it has for the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme so the miners get a bigger share of the scheme’s profits.

I was set to meet with scheme trustees before Parliament was dissolved in May and am hoping a new date for that meeting can now be set up so we can take another step forward in getting this matter sorted out once and for all.

You may have heard about one-year-old Dawson Willcock from Sutton who has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

His mum Wendy is desperately trying to raise £500,000 for life-saving treatment in the USA and I have been supporting the family.

Please visit and give what you can.

Since 2010 when I became MP for Ashfield, I have directly helped 8,500 residents.

If you need my help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling my office on 01623 720399 or emailing



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