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Gloria’s Chad column: Trying to call the tax office is no fun


Gloria writes a weekly column for the Ashfield Chad. Here is her column from February 22nd, 2017:

Many of us have been stuck on the phone to the tax office at some point in our lives, trying to sort out what should be a simple issue.
But a gentleman from Sutton came to me for help recently with a complaint with the Inland Revenue that had been unresolved for months and months.
He had been charged way too much tax because of an accounting error at his place of work which had stated his earnings were thousands of pounds higher than they actually were.
He told the revenue about the error and had done everything he was told to in order to get it corrected.
However the revenue failed to sort the problem out and the tax this gentleman had paid on income he had never received was still not being returned.
At the end of his tether, he called my office and we were able to put him in touch directly with a department that could sort this out once and for all – and they did.
The money he was owed was reimbursed and he and his wife are relieved and grateful.
I am very happy I could help bring this stressful situation to a successful conclusion.

Local government has been hit hard by the Government’s cost cutting and austerity measures, having to make millions of pounds worth of cuts.
As demand for services increases, Nottinghamshire County Council leader Alan Rhodes has written to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, urging him to change the way local government is funded to ensure that Nottinghamshire would get a fairer share of cash.
I back him whole-heartedly. It is time Nottinghamshire got the money it needs.

Unemployment figures for January are out and show that the total number of unemployment benefit claimants in Ashfield was 1,240.
This works out as 2.5 per cent of the economically active population and is 75 higher than in December 2016.
Ashfield is faring better than many other areas, with the national unemployment rate standing at 4.8 per cent, but zero hours contracts and low pay are big problems and we have just had two announcements of substantial job cuts in Ashfield already this year.
Post-recession, the jobs market is far from fixed.


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