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Gloria’s Chad column: My work as your MP


Gloria writes a column for the Ashfield Chad every week. Here is her offering from the edition published on 31st August 2016:

It’s 15 months now since you re-elected me. Whether you voted for me or not you are my boss and so as the new Parliamentary year is about to start, I thought this would be a good time to update you on what I have been up to during this last year.

Many people think that the job of an MP is just to sit in the House of Commons listening and contributing to debates, but that is only a small part of what we do.

I have taken up hundreds of cases for constituents, answered many questions for constituents and asked lots of questions on behalf of constituents, as well as been out and about visiting schools, businesses and residents in Ashfield.

To be precise, between August last year and August this year, I looked into 928 cases for people living in Ashfield: that works out at around 18 a week for every week of the year.

These cases have included queries, complaints and appeals to utilities companies, transport companies, Government departments, schools, hospitals and the police.

The organisations that I have written to the most are Ashfield District Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Ashfield Homes and Broxtowe Borough Council, with the subject of my communication being as varied as highways issues to home repairs.

Often people come to me for help after exhausting all other avenues and it is always satisfying if my intervention can bring an issue to a swift and happy conclusion.

One memorable case from the past year was when I helped Annesley Woodhouse pensioner Eddie Stead get back the £550 deposit he paid after being mis-sold new windows by a cold-calling company.

Another was working with the council to help a disabled Kirkby teenager Kaylee Hickman get the extension to her study room and wetroom which helped her to complete her A Levels.

I have asked 105 parliamentary questions of government ministers in this time – well above average for MPs.

Again, the subjects of these questions have been extremely varied, from funding for schools to information on local health services.

I have asked about waiting times in A&E, about the amount spent on agency nurses and about the numbers of people on the electoral register.

I will always challenge the government to do better for our area.

Remember, I am here to work for the people of Ashfield – this is the reason I do this job.

I love this constituency and I love serving you, so if you need my help with any issues troubling you, please get in touch on 01623 720399 or



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