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Gloria’s Chad Column : Fibre broadband is needed in Ashfield


Gloria writes a weekly column for the Ashfield Chad; this is her entry from 4 October 2017

We don’t just use one PC in our home to connect to the internet anymore. Our phones, tablets, and laptops are being used by mums, dads, children and grandparents all at the same time, all needing to connect to the wi-fi.

That means we need faster broadband to cope with this demand.

Fibre broadband is the answer, but many residents come to me to say they’ve been told they can’t have it for one poor excuse or another.

I have previously helped residents on a newly-built estate in Annesley get their superfast broadband.

I stepped in when they complained about the poor service they were getting and the green broadband box on their estate went live with faster broadband at the end of August.

More recently, residents and small business owners in Teversal village came to me with the same problem.

Slow broadband was making it difficult for them to conduct business and it was simply not adequate for their needs.

I contacted BT Openreach and they told me that that they have now upgraded the box through which Teversal receives its internet, so it can deliver fibre broadband.

Any resident or business in the village who would like fibre broadband should be able to order it through their internet service provider.

We all know what a headache parking outside our homes can be.

A disabled gentleman from Kingsley Street in Kirkby contacted me about this issue.

He and his wife, who is also disabled, struggled to park near to their home because of a residents’ only parking scheme on their street that did not include newer properties recently built.

I contacted the county council and following my intervention, this couple have now been allowed to apply for a parking permit and hopefully won’t have this problem again.


I have met with representatives from the Maun Valley Citizens several times about projects they have been working on locally and they came to see me again recently.

They are launching a road safety campaign in primary schools and schoolchildren have been working on road safety as a topic.

The youngsters will be performing a presentation about this to me in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to see what they have come up with.

This is another great initiative from this community group that works so hard for our area.



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