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Women are disproportionately affected by Government cuts


Here is Gloria’s Ashfield Chad column from December 28, 2016:

The need to reduce inequality in this country is a cause that I have long been passionate about.
I spoke in a debate in the Commons earlier this month about how the Autumn Statement is disproportionately affecting women.
The point I made was that when cuts to tax, welfare and public spending affect women the most, it is inevitable that children end up having to go without.
The latest figures published by the End Child Poverty Coalition, show that an unbelievable 6,271 children are living in poverty in Ashfield.
Eighteen per cent of all children in Ashfield live in poverty before housing costs are taken into consideration, and 28 per cent when they are.
This is more than three times the level of child poverty than the areas of the country where it is at its lowest.
This is totally unacceptable in this day and age and is yet another example of how the Tories are failing ordinary people.
It is time something was done to help those who need it most.

The roads might be a bit quieter over the holidays when so many people are off work or school, but one of the issues that constituents in Kirkby have raised with me time and again is the queuing traffic down Station Street.
Being right outside my office door, I am very familiar with the congestion and know how frustrating it is getting caught up in it.
The local councils have done a lot of work to improve the roads in Kirkby town centre in recent years but I was asked to take up the queuing issue with Nottinghamshire County Council again recently because people said it was getting worse.
I wrote to the highways team and have now heard back and been told that they are going to look at the phasing of the traffic lights and make any changes deemed necessary.
Hopefully that will improve things, but let me know if it doesn’t.

The lack of broadband access on new-build estates is another issue that I am frequently contacted about these days.
In November I heard from people living on the Willow Fields estate in Annesley that the broadband speeds they could access at home were far too slow for their everyday needs.
I contacted the county council on their behalf and was promised that a broadband cabinet had been installed and was due to be connected.
I have now been informed that the cabinet has gone live and residents of the estate can get superfast broadband.
Well done to the council’s broadband team for keeping their word.


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